A look into Bodybuilding

To put it simple, bodybuilding involves using resistance exercises in order to build muscle. Bodybuilders use heavy weight training in order to increase their muscle mass and build a physique that is defined and muscular.

Bodybuilding has been around for ages, it started gaining more popularity during the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Today the bodybuilding industry is massive, more and more individuals are starting to become bodybuilders and competing on stage with the aim of becoming the best bodybuilder around.

Currently the Mr. Olympia is recognized as the top bodybuilding competition around and the winner of the Mr. Olympia is recognized as the best bodybuilder on the planet. Bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath (the current Mr. Olympia) have all won this won this competition during their bodybuilding career.

bodybuildersContrary to what many people believe, bodybuilding is not only about lifting weights and taking Steroids. It requires a strict lifestyle of dieting every day. Eating like a bodybuilder is not an easy task, during a bulking season, bodybuilders are known to consume upwards of 6000 calories in a day, consuming this amount of food is not easy and for people who are not committed enough there is no chance they will be able to achieve this on a daily basis. During the cutting season, bodybuilders need to follow an extremely strict diet which usually involves large amounts of lean meat such as chicken breasts and fish, along with brown rice, oats and vegetables. This may not sound hard but imagine eating the same bland food for months on end.

Bodybuilding training routines

Bodybuilders who are using Steroids and consuming large amounts of calories on a daily basis are able to train harder and longer than the average person without the risk of overtraining. You have probably heard it’s recommended to never train longer than 1 hour and more than 5 days a week, while this is mostly true for the average person, bodybuilders often train upwards of 2 hours 5 or 6 days a week when they are in their bulking phase. During the cutting season they tend to cut their workouts shorter to avoid overtraining as they are now consuming less calories.

Many people believe that bodybuilders use Steroids as a shortcut to getting big, while this is true in some cases, most serious bodybuilders use Steroids in order to allow them to train harder and for longer. Steroids are by no means an easy way out for serious bodybuilders, it’s quite the opposite actually, when using Steroids they are forced to train harder than ever before, pushing to the point where they feel sick after a workout, this is what’s required to make it to the top.

Bodybuilding Competitions

This is what it all boils down to, competing in bodybuilding competitions to prove you are the best. Depending on the country you reside in there are a number of different bodybuilding federations that hold local bodybuilding events. Two popular ones being Ifbb and Nabba. Ifbb is by far the most popular bodybuilding federation in the world, hosting events such as the Mr. Olympia. Becoming an Ifbb pro is considered a huge accomplishment in the world of bodybuilding.

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition is not an easy task to complete, the amount of dedication and work required would send most people running. Being on an extremely strict diet for months and doing large amounts of cardio with almost no energy due to the low calorie diet can get extremely hard to do. Preparing for a competition has turned into a science, showing up looking your best on the day of the competition is not as easy as being extremely lean, you need to manipulate your carbohydrate and water intake to ensure you come in as “dry” as possible while also avoid being “flat” which refers to the muscles looking flat due to the low amount of carbohydrates that are consumed leading up to the competition. Many bodybuilders hire professional contest prep trainers who help them by telling them what to eat and drink, how much to eat and drink, and when to eat and drink.

Bodybuilding is an extremely expensive sport, the amount of food that needs to be consumed can cost a great amount of money as well as the drugs involved in becoming a top bodybuilder costing a fortune. Most bodybuilders make almost no money from bodybuilding, except for the lucky few who have managed to make it to the top and build a name for themselves.