Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are products that are taken to aid muscle building, help burn fat, increase strength, increase recovery time and help you work out harder. These supplements come in powder form, liquid, tablets and capsules.

The supplement market is huge, with new brands popping up all the time offering new types of bodybuilding supplements that promise to make you huge overnight, it is hard knowing which supplements work and which don’t. One must first understand that there is no such thing as a “magic pill”, where you can pop a few tablets daily and see results overnight. Supplements are used to help you achieve your goals, without doing everything else correctly, supplements won’t do much.

Muscle Building Supplements

bodybuilding supplementsTaken by athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength, muscle building supplements are the most popular bodybuilding supplements for sale. Walk into any health shop and you will literally see hundreds of different supplements aimed at helping you build muscle faster. Some of these work while others won’t. Below is a list of popular bodybuilding supplements used for muscle growth that are proven to be effective.

Whey Protein: By far the most superior form of protein available, whey protein is derived from dairy and contains all 9 essential amino acids. The 2 most popular forms of Whey protein are Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate. The Isolate version is considered more superior as it contains a higher amount of protein per each gram. Protein has been proven over and over again play an important role in building muscle. No matter how hard you train, you will not grow without consuming the correct amount of protein daily.

Creatine: A naturally occurring substance within our bodies, Creatine has been proven to increase muscle mass, recovery, strength gains and performance. There are a few different forms of Creatine available, the most used one being Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine has been around for a long time, is cheap and most important has many studies to back up the claims made by companies selling this supplement.

Glutamine: An amino acid proven to help with recovery as well as help prevent muscle breakdown during intense training sessions. 5 grams is usually taken in the morning, after a workout as well as before bed. Glutamine has also shown to increase Growth Hormone levels with dosages as little as 2 grams.

There are many other muscle building supplements out there that are also effective in building muscle. However many of these products still need more studies done to prove exactly how effective they are.

Fat Burning Supplements

There is a huge market for fat burners, with many people being overweight and starting to exercise to improve their physiques, the market for fat burning supplements has grown at an exceptional rate over the years.

Caffeine: This product increases energy as well as boost the metabolism leading to fat loss. One study showed that consuming Caffeine before a workout increased fat oxidation during the training session as well as lower carbohydrate oxidation. Almost all fat burning products for sale contain Caffeine, for one simple reason, it works.

Green Tea Extract: Just like Caffeine, Green Tea Extract increases fat oxidation, thus leading to more fat loss. Green tea also has other health benefits such as supporting healthy immune system function.

Hoodia Gordonii: You have probably heard of this product. Although it has been around for years, only recently has Hoodia gained its popularity. While this product doesn’t directly burn fat, it has shown to help decrease ones appetite, which is a huge benefit to someone on a calorie restricted diet. Helping suppress ones appetite, allowing them to stick to their diet and eat less is definitely one of the most effective ways to burn fat.

supplementBodybuilding supplements play a large role in transforming ones physique, however as mentioned earlier in the article, these products can only help so much, you need to eat correctly and train correctly in order to get results. If you are doing everything correctly then using the right supplements will help you along the way.

Don’t be fooled by bodybuilding supplements for sale in fancy containers with shiny labels, this is merely a marketing technique used by supplement companies to get people to buy their products. When buying a supplement there are a few things to look at, the first one being the ingredients listed on the label, the second being the amounts of each ingredient used in the product. Make sure the product contains ingredients proven to deliver the results that are claimed on the products label.